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Women of Faith is a supportive, inclusive Christian membership organization where women like you grow spiritually, develop as leaders and serve and work to create a world in which all women, children and youth thrive. Women of Faith is celebrated as the women’s ministry of The United Methodist Church. The WOF at Jones Methodist Church are vibrant and talented women who nurture one another in community and our neighbors through mission. We serve the Wesley Foundation at UCO, Neighborhood Services Organization as part of the Oklahoma Annual Conference, U.S. and international projects and partners improving the lives of women, children and youth with their prayers, volunteer and advocacy efforts, and financial gifts.

The Jones WOF meet on the 1st Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m.

The Jones WOF does not meet during the summer months of June or July.


The Crafty Ladies are a WOF circle that began in June 2003. These ladies are not just a knitting or quilting circle of your grandmother's era. They host social gatherings for church members and community members alike. They craft goods to raise funds for various WOF Missions and JUMC needs. They say it doesn't matter if you can't craft, they will help you learn any skill they can teach. They spread love and goodwill, and welcome all who are interested. 

They are known here in town for confetti eggs on Ol' Timer's Day, the Fall Bazaar and Bean Dinner, Christmas decor, and customized gifts with personal shopping if necessary.

The crafted goods are on display in The Corner of the Fellowship Hall. 

They meet every Thursday at 11:00 in the Education Wing at JUMC

Questions can be answered here.

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