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I love a parade! How can anyone NOT love a parade? Home town parades with the high school band, old cars, kids on the firetrucks, old tractors, old cars, and of course the horses. People line the street waving at the procession hoping to have candy tossed their way. Joy and Smiles abound!

Ticker Tape parades with paper floating in the air honoring heroes. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with the giant balloons through the streets of NYC. The Rose Bowl parade with all the beautiful floats made entirely of flowers. Joy and Smiles abound!

In reading Mark 11:1-11, we see a different kind of parade, but a parade nonetheless. People have lined the street and are waving, hoping to catch a glimpse at this man some are calling the Messiah. People are shouting! Floral a/k/a palm branches are used in this parade as well. Joy and Smiles abound!

Jesus comes into our hearts in many different ways, even through a parade. This week, remember your joy and smiles from the last parade you watched and know you too can shout Hosanna to Jesus the Messiah, the King.

Kelly is retired from the banking industry and spends her time currently serving God and God’s people in many capacities, Key Club Advisor, Praise team piano and vocals and church committees when asked. She also assumes the roles of Mayor’s wife, mother of two, and MiMi of two.

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