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The Ripple Effect

When this church decides to make a difference in the world, the effects ripple out beyond our campus, our zip code and even our life span. When we start splashing around in our baptismal waters, great waves of mercy and grace crash over God’s kingdom.

For the next 4 weeks in October we are in our annual stewardship series. You will hear about the ways The Ripple Effect has expanded God’s kingdom to include us as a congregation, and each of our lives, in Jesus’s grace. The ripples may look small from the vantage point of the one who makes them, but to the one receiving such mercy they can feel like roaring waves.

Sermons in the Series

October 8 “From the Inside Out” Matthew 6:19-21

October 15 “Every Penny Counts” Mark 12:41-44

October 22 “Everything in Common” Acts 4:32-35

October 29 “Expanding the Kingdom of God Together” 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

What is stewardship?

Stewardship is the Christian discipline of joining in the mission of the church- Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Stewardship is not a fundraiser. It is us making ripples in our baptismal waters. We get our movement from the Holy Spirit to reach beyond ourselves. Everything we have to give comes from God, so we choose how to use those resources to make the biggest waves for those who have not yet experienced a positive relationship with God, whom we reflect in our living.

Cast a pebble in the water

During this time, I ask that each person and household take time to prayerfully consider the ways they will make an impact in the kingdom work through Jones UMC in 2018. You will receive another mailing later in the month, including the 2018 Annual Giving Commitment card. Please return your commitment on Sunday, November 5 as we celebrate All Saints Day and the stories of those who have served God before us.

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