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The Story Pt. 2

When families get together, stories get told. We tell of how grandma and grandpa met and how they loved each other choosing each day to live out a powerful vow. We remind each other of that one failed attempt at a famous family recipe, made right this time. Families share the stories of children growing, their baptism, a great birthday party, trips to urgent care, a newfound appreciation for how challenging school can be. And in telling about achievements, triumphs and missteps our family story develops.

Family stories tell us about who we are, and who we are not. One of us can tell the story just as well as the others, we own it as a defining sentiment of who we are and will be. Some tales are warnings, others are give us hope. They are a sort of practice in becoming who God made us to be while recognizing we are not quite there yet.

This is what it is to be in the true family of God. Every week we gather to worship and remember and retell the stories of God’s people. We talk about grandfather Jacob and his wild sons, and the old days. We remember Ruth’s reversed adoption of Naomi and their incredible journey to a new life. We laugh about David’s crazy antics and wonder if he could be forgiven for so much that maybe we can too. We tell of cousin Ezekiel who says the most outlandish things and somehow is always right. We mostly talk about our brother Jesus though, and the stories he told and the way he loves us and how family is supposed to be on their best days.

We join in his story through our baptism, like his baptism. We become like him and in telling about his achievements, triumphs and how people treated him, our story becomes like his.

The Story calls us to worship, to the family of faith and to become those who invite others into the story. Keep reading this summer. Keep getting together and talking about what God is doing in The Story and what God is doing with your story.

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