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God Moments

Overfilled closet

My Dad recently remarried. This is a joy as I am so glad he found a new partner to share his life and

heart. His new wife is preparing to move to my dad's house. My sister and I were at Dad’s house to help

go through the closets, drawers, and furniture that needed to be sorted and dealt with in the


My dad's solution was to just throw some things away. My sister and I knew the items would be

treasured by some of the children and grandchildren as they held memories of our Mom. (Mom went

to heaven 10 years ago.) My sister and I gently saved the items and boxed them to go to family

members. On the other hand, some items had a place in the trash. I found phone books from 2010 to

2016. Even though they were outdated I still felt I needed permission to throw them away. Dealing

with treasures and trash was emotional, but also exciting as a new future was being built for my Dad.

Sunday came, and as I worshiped and listened to Pastor Shyloe’s message, the Holy Spirit spoke to my

heart. In our spiritual life we often have treasures and trash. I have a hard time sorting through the

things that could be treasure or trash. Some of the things I hang on to, like the old phone books, no

longer have value and need to be discarded. The Holy Spirit gently encourages ridding myself of this

useless stuff. However, the Holy Spirit will not force me to take action. Sometimes I want to throw

away the treasures. The Holy Spirit saves these areas of my life for regeneration. I’m so glad Jesus

and the Holy Spirit live in me. Otherwise I would be such a mess!

Prayer: Thank you, Holy Spirit for your guiding light. Thank you for the compassionate way you help

me deal with the treasure and the trash. Give me a heart that recognizes your gentle persuasion.

Make me more like Jesus in all my desires, wants and needs. Amen

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.


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