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Lay Leader

Dr. Will Heise


Dr. Will D Heise was born September of 84’ to Dr.’s Don and Sybil Heise DVM in Guymon Oklahoma of No Man’s Land. He was the last of three extremely active and hyper boys. He was born as a United Methodist and baptized at Victory Memorial UMC as an infant. He grew up in Guymon, active in youth and learning the stories, traditions, and faith of Christianity. Intensely curious, going through the mentorship and confirmation process was awakening for Will. He particularly learned the value of listening to other denominations and even other religions, realizing commonalities in values, even when traditions and practices differ wildly. He tries to continue the practice of active learning to this day, and it has defined his spiritual journey and his growth in Methodist Christianity. Will transitioned to college at Oklahoma State University (go pokes!), Medical School at OUHSC, and Family Medicine Residency at UTHNE. He returned to Jones three years ago with his wife Elyse, native to the region with deep generational roots, and a growing family. Will, Elyse, Dean, and Amelia are active at Jones UMC, and endeavor to build and grow in this rapidly growing community. Driven by God’s love and mercy to all, the Heise family strives to humbly witness to others (both within and outside the church) by guidance and as living examples, to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.

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